Thursday, July 19, 2012

Derek o’ Brian became the First Anglo-Indian to Vote in Presidential Election

Derek o’ Brian, the Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal became the first Anglo Indian to vote in Presidential Elections in India. Brian, a Trinamool Congress MP, cast his vote in Kolkata.

As per the constitution of India an MP who has been nominated by the President to either of the house of the Indian Parliament is not eligible for casting vote in Presidential election. In 545-member Lok Sabha, there are two seats reserved for the persons from Anglo-Indian community. The two Anglo-Indian members are nominated by the President of India.
In Rajya Sabha, there are twelve members, who are nominated by the President and can not vote in Presidential election.
Article 80 (3) of the Constitution of India provides that the members to be nominated by the President to Rajya Sabha should have special knowledge or practical experience in matters like literature, science, art and social service.
Article 84 (b) stipulates that a person shall be of not less than 30 (Thirty) years of age.

Who are Anglo-Indians:
Anglo-Indians are people with mixed Indian and British ancestry, or people who have British descent born or living in the Indian Subcontinent or Burma, now mainly historical in the latter sense.

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